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Malebooster Pro was invented and approved by 42 different urologists from all over the world. We have over 10.000 satisfied customers world wide!

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Our solution:
Malebooster Pro

Malebooster Pro:
The effects

  • Up to 2 inches penis enlargement

    with 2 months treatment, watch it grow up to 0.78 inches
    with 4 months treatment, watch it grow up to 1.18 inches
    with 6 months treatment, watch it grow up to 2 inches

  • Increased growth in penis growth.
    Blood vessel expansion for a larger circumference.
  • More powerful and wider veins.
    Improve circulation in your abdominal blood vessels to strengthen veins and harder erections.

How does Malebooster Pro work?

Malebooster Pro's clinically tested formula works in many different ways:

  • The blood vessels in the cavernous body of the penis are responsible for the natural enlargement and the erection of the penis.
  • With Malebooster Pro's special formula these blood vessels are expanded. The penis becomes wider and increases in weight.
  • Malebooster Pro also contains substances that positively alter blood circulation so that the penis is optimally provided with it.
  • The interior tissue of the penis is loosened from having stronger blood vessels and the penis is then able to stretch with ease and longer than before. This is the way the penis achieves its largest size possible.

It is easy and safe to use. Just follow the instructions:

92% of our clients are satisfied with the results.
April 2013 // compiled from an e-mail survey made to more than 500 customers

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60 day treatment
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120 day treatment
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180 day treatment
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How well does Malebooster Pro really work?

Let's hear it from our satisfied customers.

Malebooster Pro works! For me, more than 1.7 inches in half a year. No I've passed the magic 8 inch border, but I want more!
Because of my prostate surgery my penis shrunk 0.75 inches. I started using Malebooster Pro and I even regained 1.18 inches more.
I found Malebooster Pro via Google as I was searching for a suitable remedy. I feel fantastic and my sex life has never been so good.
I have been married for three years and our love life went downhill. Malebooster Pro gives our love life new energy and power - now we are happy as never before. Recommended!
It works, and I'm baffled. Since 4 months! At the beginning I didn't notice any growth. However, my girlfriend did! The optic has really changed. My penis looks thicker and stronger!
My sex life has really improved by Malebooster Pro. The price is justified considering the positive effects.
Malebooster Pro not only increased my penis size (after the first pack almost one inch) but also improved my stamina in bed.
I have read about Malebooster Pro in a bodybuilding magazine and tried the same. With the first pack not even fully used, I already have visible results! Cheers!

Visible proof of our customers

The following pictures and statements were sent in by our loyal customers:

As a man of average size, I have always desired a larger penis. Since using Malebooster Pro, I've have gained roughly 2 inches. I also am able to maintain an erection for far longer than ever before. This was a great side benefit that my new girlfriend greatly appreciated!

I never knew what I was missing out on until I was able to gain an extra 2 and half inches in length! My wife now responds more positively to the idea of sex, in fact, she begs for it. I feel as sexy as when I was in my 20's and I am 47 years old...

I don't know how or why by Malebooster Pro not only added an inch and a half to my penis, it gave me the stamina to make my lovemaking sessions last! I am thrilled and so is my partner.

What does Malebooster Pro contain?

Malebooster Pro has been developed in Germany and is being produced in India by a GDP and ISO certified laboratory.

After a rigorous quality control, we can guarantee you’ll receive a pure and perfect product.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in making Malebooster Pro.

We can guarantee a high value product, without any failure in each delivery. We always exclude any product displaying the least imperfection.

If by any chance there are complains, we will change your previously delivered product for a new one.

In short, Malebooster Pro is 100% SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Malebooster Pro ingredients

The following raw materials have been used in the making of the unique Malebooster Pro formula:

Lysine is an amino acid involved in many important functions of the body. The erection and its duration are positively improved by lysine ingestion. The lysine also reduces the time needed for muscular tissue growth and, therefore, it is able to prolong the duration of the sexual performance.

Glycine increases the nitric oxide levels in the body and, with that, it improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery. Many bodybuilders and athletes consume glycine to improve the nitric oxide levels in their bodies and to stimulate muscle growth. Glycine is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Glycine levels of the body increase when ingesting Viagra as it is one of its main ingredients.

Arginine is one of the most important substances in the body. In spite of this, most men never receive enough of it. Arginine is responsible for the construction of small muscular fibers needed for optimal blood circulation. In addition to that, this substance is also a sexual stimulant and an essential amino acid. Most porn stars ingest arginine before filming in order to provide a better performance.

Ornithine shortens the time needed for fiber and muscle regeneration, with that; it improves the body’s vitality. Along with glycine, ornithine improves the hardness of the erection and sexual predisposition.

  • The Formula: By combining these four different ingredients, a synergy effect is activated in the body and its results are shown, not only in stimulation and superior sexual regeneration, but also in an improved growth. By increasing the natural levels of testosterone the growth hormone production is stimulated so it can achieve the desired effect. Our formula has been developed and optimized by ourselves through many different experiments and group control tests.

Statistically proven effect

The following statistics have been made with self-reports from 250 volunteers. The average growth in length is shown in a relation of centimeters per week.

  • Length growth
    during the first 4 weeks there is an average length growth of 0.397 inch
    during the first 8 weeks there is an average length growth of 0.787 inch
    during the first 12 weeks there is an average length growth of 1.574 inch
  • Average width growth
    During the first 4 weeks there is an average increase in width by 0.393 inch.

The largest recorded increase was presented by groups which men already had a width of 6.3 inches or less before the treatment. After 7.48 inch the growth decreases proportionally.